Thursday, June 25, 2009


polymer clay dog magnets
polymer clay vase pin
polymer clay fairy pendant
Sculpted creations by Mary Ellen (Beetree by M.E.) portray the versatility of polymer clay itself. I am amazed by the array of her creative ideas. Here are just a few of my favorites: Heads and Tails refrigerator magnets, fairy pendant, and a mini-vase pin that can hold real flowers. Visit her shop and blog for more.


  1. Congratulations, M.E., and thank you Eugena for spotlighting our delightful Mary Ellen today. Versatile is the perfect word to describe her multi-talented self! I adore her fairies and her sense of humor. All accolades are well deserved!

  2. Very talented artist, love the variety of her work!

  3. Those are the cutest magnets! I love to see artists thinking 'sideways' :)))

  4. Mary Ellen's work is always superb!

  5. I have been meaning to get back to her shop! Thanks for reminding me Eugina! The magnet is so fun looking!


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