Wednesday, June 3, 2009


These elegant designs were created by Janine Golbert, whose background is graphic and interior design.

Out of three elements of any design (line, color, and texture), a line is my favorite, and it clearly plays the major role in these designs.

Many of Janine's leather jewelry items make a polymer clay artist want to take a closer look. Did you guess that it was not polymer clay?

Learn more about Janine and her work from Etsy Featured Artist article.


  1. Oh, you've got me with these! I did not realize it was not PC until I read your post!

  2. I love these pieces! They are so simple and yet you cant stop running your eyes over the lines in them.

  3. Totally fooled me! Who would have guessed it was leather. I can so see it done in polymer clay. Thanks for the inspiration.


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