Monday, June 1, 2009


Today is the first day of the new month, which means that I am ready to reveal the lucky winner of the last month giveaway. Ready?

It is Tumbleweed Trails, the person with the first post on May, 20.

She receives this lovely pendant:

The rules remain the same for the next month: every comment left on any of my posts in June will be eligible for the give away prize, which this month will be the pendant below.

I am also glad to share the new slide shows I made using the pictures of the wonderful works featured here in May. The silent version may be seen at the bottom right corner of this page. The one with music is below. Enjoy!

...And the last thing I wanted to tell you. This month, be ready for a few surprises. Every so often I come across an artist, whose works look as if they were made out of polymer clay, while they are not. You know what I mean? Because polymer clay is such a versatile material, it can easily replace many other materials, mimic their looks, and borrow the techniques used to work with them. That is why it is so difficult sometimes to figure out the material used in this or that creation.

This month, I am going to post the pictures at the begging of my posts, and put the description below them. If you want to play this little guessing game next time you visit my blog, see if you can spot the non-PC items among my posts about polymer clay without reading the text below the pictures, then proceed to the description and check if you were right.

Besides fun, I hope this little exercise will give you some fresh ideas. I am not inviting you to simply swap one material for another. Rather, try to see how can each technique be enriched by the possibilities offered by polymer clay. Think, for example, how the millefiori technique had changed when it was adopted from glassmaking. Or how about mokume gane? You get the idea.

Happy claying!


  1. This is so cool! I actually went out side and took pictures of the irises blooming in my yard today and wondered how to translate them to clay. Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I am glad you liked my iris pendant. Here is another one:

  3. I want that iris! Pick me!

  4. Is this a good time to mention that the purple iris is my all-time favorite flower? (BIG GRIN) I love the idea of including items that could be polymer clay but are not. That should be interesting!

  5. Thank you so much for the generous giveaways. I am so tickled that I've won such a lovely pendant. The Iris pendant is beautiful as well. My grandmother always loved Irises.


    visionquest2020 (at) msn (dot) com

  6. Ohh this is soo pretty! It is the exact shade of the ones growing in my yard! I have many colors of them, but these are my most favorite.

  7. I live in a condo. I have no garden, yet, with this pendant, I could pretend.

    Beautiful work!

  8. Your work is beautiful. Irises last such a short time compared to most flowers. theis would be forever.


  9. WOW....What an awesome polymer site!!!! Just discovered u this morn..Linked from PC Daily which I start each day with NOW I will be checking u daily too!!! And that Iris!!! Started my day with a flood of memories of my Gram...She had a huge Iris garden...Thanks for inspiring some wonderful childhood memories!!!!!


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