Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Desert Talismans, the shop of Dawn Wilson-Enoch, amazes me in many ways.

Look for example, at her polymer clay bracelets, combining gently-tinted translucent polymer clay, new bronze clay, and sands from deserts in Arizona and California.

I enjoy the tribal aesthetics and clever construction of her necklaces and earrings, and can study them for hours. Although the ones in her shop now do not include polymer clay among the list of materials, I am almost sure that Dawn uses it in her other works. There are many organic elements in her work that made me look really close to check if they were made of polymer clay or something else.

What I love the most about this shop is its general theme, the feel it creates, the reflection of Dawn's passion for deserts that shows in every design, every picture, and every description.

polymer clay bracelet
Desert Talismans
Desert Talismans


  1. Dawn e-mailed me yesterday. Here is an excerpt from her letter:

    “Yes, I love polymer clay and began working in it before I got into metalwork a couple of years ago. I still love it for its incredible versatility, and have several items featuring polymer that I may put into the shop at some point. It's great for replicating textures, but also I've found I can make amulets that are very earthy and organic but don't resemble anything specifically.”

    She also attached a picture of these polymer clay amulets, which are all beautiful and very interesting designs. I hope Dawn will soon list them in her shop.

  2. I like Dawn's combination of so many different materials and I especially love that bracelet!


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