Saturday, May 30, 2009


These original hair sticks and Steampunk Squid necklace are from the shop of Sheryl Westleigh,

Sheryl is inspired (in her own words) “by a love of marine animals (especially the cephalopods), science, and all things weird and wonderful” and is eager to share her knowledge. The listings in her Etsy shop read like a fantastic illustrated encyclopedia of marine life. Here is for example, an excerpt from her description of the octopus hair sticks: “Octopus are cephalopods like squid, cuttlefish and the nautilus. They are extremely intelligent non-vertibrates including having problem solving abilities. There are over 300 different species ranging from the penny sized Octopus Wolfi to the 14 foot diameter North Pacific Giant Octopus”.

polymer clay octopus
polymer clay cuttlefish
polymer clay squid


  1. I ADORE These!!!!! Very very cook idea and implementation!! xoxo


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