Tuesday, February 10, 2009


The artist behind Birdartist.etsy.com has a background in biology, and it shows in her work. This is what she writes about herself: ”There's also a practical side to my nature. I've worked as a zoo keeper for 3 years, and I have studied birds in the wild as a field assistant. I've hiked the woods, lakes, streams, and mountains of Pennsylvania, observing and videotaping birds for my artwork.”

In this shop, you will find polymer clay and ceramic items with aviary theme: bird-decorated cups, ceramic birdhouses, and my favorite – hummingbird feeders. Says the artist: “All of my hummingbird feeders are modeled in Polymer clay to resemble actual flowers that are used by hummingbirds. Each one is individually crafted to fit snugly into its individual bottle for a tight, leak resistant seal. All are functional works of art used readily by hummingbirds.”

In her Photobucket album, Birdartist has many pictures of her hummingbirds, and even a short video that shows the birds using her feeders.

Polymer Clay Hummingbrd Feeders

Polymer Clay Hummingbrd Feeders

Polymer Clay Hummingbrd Feeders

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