Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I have already wrote about the works of this artist earlier this year. Her name is Kate, and back then she had one Etsy shop,, in which she was (and still is) offering her beautiful polymer clay jewelry decorated with imprints of leaves and other plant parts.

Kate now has an additional shop, This one is dedicated to her amazing textured beads and buttons. Her denim buttons (below) are an absolute favorite of mine. I had a privilege of seeing in person a necklace made out of these buttons – casual, yet unforgettably elegant.


  1. She does incredibly beautiful work!! I love her art! :)

  2. So glad to see Kate here! Shehas an amazing variety of art beads at her new shop. I love that pitted green one above! Its wonderfully earthy.

  3. These are beautiful. A perfect accent to a OOAK wearable or accessory!

  4. Thank you Eugena for reviewing my new Shop on Etsy! It is an honor to once again be part of this wonderful blog. Thank you too ladies for your lovely compliments, they sure helped to brighten my day! :)


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