Monday, September 14, 2009


These beautiful pendants and earrings in fall colors are by Nata Nei, an Israeli artist. To me, they look as if they were made out of highly-polished agates or some similar stones. Great colors and great designs!

Nata, as many other artists, values polymer clay for its versatility. She says:”Polymer clays seem to offer unlimited potential to a creative person. It is very thrilling to discover its magic every day.”

You may find more pictures of Nata's works in her Etsy shop and in her photo album.

polymer clay ring
polymer clay pendant
polymer clay ring


  1. Thank you, Eugena, for these kindly words!
    I am glad to share with you and your readers our co-love to polymer clay :-).


  2. Nata's creations are gorgeous, as usual!


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