Saturday, July 25, 2009


I am going on a short vacation, and after a long contemplation, I decided to close my blog until I am back.

I am doing this not because I am tired of what I am doing (I am not), or because I couldn't continue posting while on the road (I could). I am doing this to persuade my husband to really get away from his office (which is difficult these days with all our technical toys that keep us connected and involved with our everyday routines, no matter where we are). I hope that I can lead by example, so to speak, and help him relax and take his mind off of his work.

I will resume posting to this blog on August, 2.

So, I am revealing the slide shows today rather than on the first day of the month, as I usually do.

Below is the slide show with all the pictures of the wonderful works featured here in July. This one is with music. You may find its silent version at the bottom right corner of this page. Enjoy!

I want to thank everybody who stopped by my blog and took time to leave comments about the July works. All your comments were entered into a give away drawing. The lucky winner of my pendant with purple orchids sculpted over a piece of shell is Freda Kramer (who made the third comment on my July, 19 post).

Here is your pendant, Freda. Congratulations!

polymer clay pendant by eugena

The pendant (or rather a necklace) I am offering for our August give away is a very special one. It is coming from my new line of jewelry. You may find out more about it in my personal blog,

polymer clay pendant by eugena


  1. Have a Lovely, relaxing, well deserved Vacation Eugena...

    See you when you return...Loved your slide show...


  2. I am just tickled pink to have won such a gorgeous pendant. Thank you so much Eugena.

    I know you will have a great vacation and we'll look forward to more wonderful blog entries when you get back.

  3. I would love to win a pendant, please enter me in your giveaway :)

  4. I truely hope you are having a well deserved rest and true vacation .
    But ....
    I am having some SERIOUS PCC withdrawal issues .
    Two things I need to start my day
    coffee & your great PCC blog !!!
    come back soon .................

  5. Thank you! The vacation was great in deed. We went to Quebec and Acadia – two very beautiful places; each with its own magic. I brought back lots of pictures, and will post a link to them as soon as I sort them out.

  6. Here is the promised link to my picture album:


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